Keynotes & Programs:

Successful Dreams: The Conviction of Things Not Seen.

20-30 minute keynote, or a workshop of one to three hours Live or Virtual (videoconference)

This program inspires and motivates any group that needs to reclaim wonder. Beyond self-imposed limits to our capacity for belief, there lives a fantastical freedom. Just past the edges of your current imagining, lies the place where you manifest belief into reality. This program picks you up where you are and drops you off in a world where dreams succeed.

The audience will leave with a renewed sense of awe, and expanded faith in things unseen. More importantly, they will own a new understanding of and respect for how we each come to be the dreamers we are meant to be…or learn, instead, that dreams are empty disappointments. They will know that the capacity to Dream Big and manifest those dreams is always within us, waiting to be discovered.

As “Never Lost Forever,” this talk opened the night’s stage at TEDx Wyandotte 2018. Later adapted as inspiration for faith communities, it has inspired congregations across the U.S., including in New Orleans, Tucson, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, NYC, and St. Louis.

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