SASSy Woman Coaching​


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Join a powerful 7-sister cohort for this 7-week, virtual intensive of SASS coaching by Carol, herself.

Find your SASS in an intimate, small group of Women on the Rise, with 14 hours of coaching and sharing, focused on your success.

7 weeks + 7 sisters + 7 SASS =
1 Self-Aware, Successful You!

Perfect for women creating a new life following significant transitions. Freeing yourself from roles and rules, Carol knows you have already faced the dark history, separated from the abusive spouse or friend, resigned the toxic workplace, left your addictions in the dust…

A new foundation is ready. Yet, something is still missing, even as you rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of your past.

If you yearn to rise, yet feel the pull of unseen restraints, if you are wondering “What is still holding me back?” this coaching series will ignite your self-confidence and lift your life. In community with Carol and six other rising women, you will learn and apply the Self-Aware Success Strategies.

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