Discover the SASS in your life.
Welcome to Self-Aware Success Strategies.

Hello, Woman on the Rise… yes, you! We see you! Here you are, ready to discover the SASS in your life!

You are feeling as if, just when you’re finally ready to move beyond the basics…

Just as you begin to break new ground, see the first glimpses of your amazing potential…

Just as you are leaving the past behind, making some headway, creating some joy…
…invisible barriers seem to appear out of nowhere!

You are ready to lose the anchors, rise over the barriers, and release all those hidden struggles… Poised to grab your SASS and keep rising!
Clear your confusion and ignite your self-confidence with SASS!

Dr. L. Carol Scott’s unique Self-Aware Success Strategies empower women like you—Women on the Rise—to evolve personally and professionally beyond hidden limits you have lived with for decades.

Good news! Dr. Scott knows this vital secret: SASS comes, not from your “look,” but from your life!

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