Your Passion Blooms Cadre, April 3 – May 22, 2022


“Your Passion Blooms,” April 3, 2022 – May 22, 2022, Sunday: 9:00AM Pacific Time, Wednesday: 4:00PM Pacific Time, each week (except skipping Mother’s Day, May 8th).

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As life rises from winter sleep, your energy also rises. Are you sensing the fluttering impulses within, to begin doing again, going again, after the long months of short days? Shh…listen for a moment to your inner voice. Can you hear the whispered longings to sort, clean, or organize something new? Do you hear the call to get out from under the dust, create a new path, rearrange the furniture, or otherwise upend the apple cart of your life in a new way? Robert H. Schuller once asked, “What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” We will ask: What if your longings for change in your life aren’t the “pie in the sky” impossibilities others warn you of? Can you imagine leaving your self-doubt behind and having the confidence, the independence the moxie to simply “go for” what you want? Strengthen your Self-Aware Success Strategies that affirm you cannot fail. Bring your goals, Big Dreams, and your frustrations, and re-frame them all with SASS.

*Early-Girl Registration discount on this cadre continues all the way to March 27, 2022. Final date to join this cadre: February 27, 2022.