Harvest Your Riches Cadre, August 1, 2022 – September 16, 2022


Harvest Your Riches Cadre, August 1, 2022 – September 16, 2022

Time: Carol will work with the members of the cadre to select two one-hour meetings per week at times that work for all of us.

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The seeds you planted in early Spring, the tender shoots you nurtured through Summer’s heat, have grown to sturdy stems, blossomed, and borne fruit. Now is the time of your harvest. What has grown in you this year that is ready now to nourish you, in turn? Your Self-Aware Success Strategies empower you to fill your life with the abundance of stronger relationships: at home, at work, and in the wider world.

*Early-Girl Registration discount on this cadre continues all the way to July 3, 2022. Final date to join this cadre: July 29, 2022.


Oh! The Places You’ll Grow

Your coaching cadre includes:

  • 14 X 60 minutes of group coaching – two one-hour sessions per week for seven weeks
  • Unlimited text access to Carol in private messaging, or in group communication with the whole cadre, to share your growth, ask questions, and celebrate your wins through private texts on Voxer (keyboard or audio-record, using your smart phone, tablet, and/or laptop/desktop computer!)
  • Expert content in inspirational talks, amplified by group dialog and shared experience
  • Weekly SASSy Packs to deepen your integration of the Self-Aware Success Strategies:
    • Personal self-assessments
    • Content-rich handouts for experiential activities
  • Powerful and fun Development Do-Overs to build your personal capacities for TRUST, INDEPENDENCE, FAITH, NEGOTIATION, VISION, COMPROMISE, and ACCEPTANCE
  • Specific applications of the Self-Aware Success Strategies to the relationships of highest interest and value to your success, as you define it
  • Discount codes for continued support following this coaching experience

The Theme

This Cadre’s theme emphasizes your First and Second Grade Strategies: your capacities for values-driven COMPROMISE and ACCEPTANCE.

We explore all seven of the Self-Aware Success Strategies from their most mature perspective–your powers of Choice, Agency, and Responsibility. Does your life consistently create a world that works for everyone? Or just for you? Is the roller coaster of life something you ride with glee, owning the bottom of every valley as easily as at the top of every peak? How clearly do you see your choices and your agency—your power to act—in your life? Do you KNOW you have choices…all the time, in every circumstance: choices for your actions, yes, and also you thoughts and emotions? Is it time to face the values you are now embodying with your choices? How do they compare to the values you aspire to, as guides for your relationships?