L. Carol Scott, PhD

Since 2005, women on the rise have discovered Dr. Scott’s unique Self-Aware Success Strategies as the solution to a problem that was just beginning to dawn on them.

As a woman on the rise, herself, Carol built the SASS model from her own felt need for a new way to grow, and from her deep knowledge of human development. Her insights have helped hundreds of women remove invisible barriers, ignite and maintain self-confidence, and explode into an evolution of personal and professional success.

A PhD in Developmental Psychology and stellar career working with hundreds of children and families nearly crashed and burned just as it was getting started, when Carol faced multiple and significant life transitions in her 30s. But rather than become that nosedive and trail of smoke, she, like you, rose from the ashes of her loss, grief, and trauma.

She found her SASS and has committed her Terceniera—the “third act” of her life—to sharing this wisdom and lifting other women on the rise.
A recognized thought leader in her professional world, Carol earned an MA in Early Childhood Education and Behavior Analysis, a BA in Human Development and Family Life with a minor in Psychology, and a BA in Anthropology, prior to completing her PhD in 1996. Her many leadership roles and a vast network of influential colleagues in public education; higher education; local, state, and federal public policy work; private philanthropy; and social-impact NGOs infuse her work today with a breadth and depth of perspective impossible to find in any other coach.

Widely known as a remarkably talented and inspiring educator—on a camera, in a college classroom, in front of an auditorium, or shoulder-to-shoulder in a team meeting—Carol’s authenticity, warmth, humor, and skills elevate her impact with every audience.

Intentionally focused on supporting women on the rise, her skills, talents, and dispositions undeniably also enable her to work well with all humans (plus Carol loves cats and dogs!). Mixed-gender groups, and non-gendered or gender-ambivalent folx also find a wealth of value in her strengths-based, trauma-informed, culturally competent approach.

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